Maeve Nagel-Frazel Petra Meyer Frazier


From the beginning of her career in 1840 to her death in 1902, Camilla Urso gained widespread success as a female violinist at a time when the virtuoso violin genre was dominated by men. Today women violinists are a commonplace occurrence, however in the nineteenth century they were a rare and unusual sight. Camilla Urso, and her influence as a nineteenth century violinist, is underrepresented in current musicological scholarship. The small amount of published scholarship on Urso either showcases incorrect biographical information or fail to consider Urso within a larger context of gender, virtuosity, and musical specificity. Drawing upon archival materials, digitized newspaper collections, and nineteenth century publication this project aims to reveal the extent of Urso’s influence as both a performer and pedagogue, therefore attempting to reassert her importance within nineteenth century musicological scholarship.