Hannah O'Toole Kailey Hicks Lisa Long Jackson Garske


As the effects of climate change are starting to unearth themselves, the impacts can be observed by tracking the patterns of cyclical natural phenomenon, also known as phenology, and how they’ve changed over time. These cycles are at the crux of making ecosystems viable for their local biodiversity, and understanding the ongoing changes allow the further understanding of the ecosystem’s change over time. Looking at the ordinal flowering dates of the Achillea millefolium, Aquilegia coerulea, and Penstemon cyanocaulis over the past century, the data may give insight into how warmer average temperatures earlier in the year are changing the cycle of flowering plants in the western United States. This framework encourages looking deeper into the phenology of plant life throughout different regions, investigating for changes over time due to climate change. 



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Investigating the Effects of Climate Change on the Phenology of Achillea millefolium, Aquilegia coerulea, and Penstemon cyanocaulis . (2022). University of Denver Undergraduate Research Journal, 3(1). https://duurjportal.com/index.php/duurj/article/view/171