The DU Undergraduate Research Journal is an annual, peer reviewed publication of research articles from all undergraduate disciplines. The mission of DUURJ is to encourage, recognize, and celebrate intellectual activity that occurs outside of the classroom, though exemplary research conducted in classroom settings may also be displayed. The journal staff is comprised entirely of  DU undergraduate students and works in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research Association to promote academic research across all disciplines.

DUURJ publishes only university of denver student publications with student works ranging the entire spectrum of academic discipline. We believe that peer review is the foundation for safeguarding the quality and integrity of scientific and scholarly research, and therefore require all published works to be peer reviewed by other undergraduates including a review from a graduate student in the same discipline. The DUURJ editorial board work closely with the selected authors to ensure each paper best communicates the authors’ ideas and discoveries. Above all however, DUURJ is dedicated to academic integrity and furthering scientific discovery that publishing an academic journal represents.